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Magna-Lite Enhanced Lighting Module

Standard Lighting Scheme

Under the standard lighting schemes when traveling down a roadway the amber clearance/warning lamps flash in unison with the tractor warning lamps and the tail lamps are on a constant low beam.

With the standard wire harness in place, when signaling a turn the turning signal lamp will flash at an increased rate from 80 flashes per min. to 100 flashes per min. The opposite amber lamp will turn constant on. This will mirror the tractor amber lamps. Both red lamps will, however, remain on a constant low beam.

Enhanced Lighting Scheme

Light Enhancing module
To meet the enhanced lighting standard, Magna-Lite introduces our Enhanced Lighting module to the implement or tractor wire harness and simply add red lamps that have an active high beam along with an additional RH and LH to these red lamps.

With this enhanced AG lighting system, during a turn the red lamp next to the amber turn side lamp will rapidly flash from low beam to high beam in unison with the amber lamp, and the red lamp on the opposite side will go from low beam to high beam. Effectively looking like the brakes have been applied and the implement is slowing down and ready to make the turn.

This lighting system dramatically improves roadway safety by alerting everyone that tractors and implements are making a turn.

Enhanced Lighting Module - wiring schematic