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Enhanced Lighting Module Lamps and Brackets led lighting harness kits
Manufacturer of custom-made wire harness and lamps
for the OEM industry of farm implements.

Supplier of LED Lights for Trailer Manufacturers

Lamps & Brackets


Magna-Lite lamps are manufactures several styles of lamps. All lamps are manufactured from the highest qulity materials. Magna-Lite lamps conform to SAE standars, J974 flashing warning lamps and SAE standard J585 tails lamps

Lamp Highlights
  1. Lenses are screwed on (NOT snapped on) so machine vibrations will not pop off the lens.
  2. Bulb socket is NOT solid mounted but spring mounted to take vibration occurring from farm equipment (extends bulb life).
  3. Internal ground is directly to the bulb socket and can be grounded back to the tractor through the 7-pin tractor plug.
  4. Double pedestal mounts insure solid mounting and will not turn sideways from vibration.
Comes with or without weather pack connector plug.
Wires are covered with split loom.
MLH51W - red/amber
MLH51W red/amber
Polycarbonate housing

MLH51W - red/amber
MLH50W red/amber
Polycarbonate housing

ML42W amber/amber Zinc die cast housing
ML42AW amber/amber
Zinc die cast housing

ML42W amber/amber	Zinc die cast housing
ML43RW red/black
Zinc die cast housing

Mounting Brackets

mounting brackets
Angle shaped mounting brackets with powder coat black paint.
Lamp mounting slot or slots and two bracket mounting holes.
Available with self-tapping bolts.