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Welcome to the forefront of innovation in cable harness solutions. At Magna-Lite Ltd, we specialize in crafting advanced cable harnesses that redefine reliability, efficiency, and performance across industries. With a legacy of over two decades, our expertise spans automotive, agriculture, construction, and more. Our meticulously designed cable harnesses integrate seamlessly into your machinery, ensuring optimal connectivity and electrical efficiency. Built to withstand demanding environments, our harnesses provide unparalleled protection against abrasion, heat, and harsh conditions, safeguarding your equipment's longevity. Whether you're seeking customized solutions or industry-standard harnesses, our cutting-edge manufacturing processes guarantee precision and quality every step of the way. Power your equipment with confidence – choose Magna-Lite's cable harnesses for a future of enhanced performance and durability.

From 2 Core to 7 Core Cable

Weatherproofed and sealed with single or double wall shrink tube.

Sealed Harnesses to meet any design needed

Customized Kiting options Available

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